Onward to Nonfiction

Dear Families,

Our Publishing Party was a massive success! Thank you to everybody that was able to make it. It was absolutely beautiful to watch families listen to their children read their writing and the writing of others.

As we cap our narrative writing unit, we are now turning our focus on nonfiction reading and writing. For reading, students will be asked to pick a topic that is of interest to them and read books about the topic. Students will be working toward publishing a research report on that topic.  

For writing, our nonfiction unit is on journalism. Students will pick an event or topic that’s important to them and report on it. It could be something like a football game that a student played in, a current event that is of interest to them, or quantum physics. Really, it’s up to them to decide what they will be reporting on as journalists.

Over the weekend, it would be terrific to remind your kids to think about topics that are important to them in preparation for these nonfiction literacy units. Additionally, we’ll be reading nonfiction books so encourage your kids to choose a non-fiction book if you head to the library this weekend. Or, there may be that bookcase in your house where 80% of the books have yet to be read. That’s also a good place to start.

Since this is the last week of the month, it is the perfect time to send in any Box Tops you may have collected. It’s an easy way to raise money for our school!

Don’t forget to have your child record their reading this weekend, either on the digital reading log or on the paper reading log, and review their spelling words.

Enjoy the weekend!

Mr. B


Vocab of the Week: survival, tense, defensive, effective