Science and Letterland Dress-Up

In our Sun and Moon unit, students learn about the energy of heat by melting M&M’s in our hands

Students made “exploding moon rocks” with our buddies. Tomorrow we’ll add vinegar to find the reaction with our baking soda creations.

Letterland dress-up day was a hit! It was so fun to see the interpretations of our beloved Letterland characters

Two Quarrelsome Queens and a Vicky Violet

Golden Girl, Eddy Elephant and Munching Mike

Firefighter Fred, Lucy Lamplight, Zig Zag Zebra and Clever Cat

Annie Apple and Bouncy Ben

Impy Ink, Munching Mike and Fix It Max

Harry Hat Man, Firefighter Fred, Zig Zag Zebra and Fix It Max

Peter Puppy and Sammy Snake

Bouncy Ben in the Making with Ms. Nikki!

Kicking King and Bouncy Ben

Peter Puppy