Mrs. Dawkins’ Class News 11/1/18

Our news this week was written by our young writers!

Writing: Journalism

By Delaney Crane and Mrs. Dawkins

The 4/5 classrooms at Corbett Grade School have a new writing unit on journalism. One of the most important part of being a journalist is to observe other people, watch for details, and take good notes. The class practiced by watching a video of local, Todd Kirnan. Todd and the city of Gresham were recently on national news to celebrate what an inspiration Todd is. We used the video to help look at who the article was about, what happened, when and where it took place and why it was important

To practice notetaking many writers went around to other classes and the middle school to observe morning meetings and routines.  Each writer had a small notepad to take notes and then they read their notes while they were fresh in their minds and then did a “quick” write in their regular writing journal. After the quick write, journalist worked on revising their writing and making sure that they covered the five Ws….who, what, when, where, and why!

Another important part of being a journalist is to write a strong lead. The lead entices, entertains, and informs the reader.  Mrs. Dawkins’ class practiced by looking at articles from the Gresham Outlook and deciding what kind of lead they were: simple, scenic, argumentative, filled with news, or sensational.


By Gena Heuker and Avalea Younker

Our class has started a new Reading unit on informational text. We will be reading magazines, books, and news articles.  This week we worked on finding the main idea when reading a news article. We read a paragraph, thought about what it was mainly about, and then went onto the next paragraph.  Then we practiced finding the main idea when reading the informational books we have in our classroom. Next week we will be learning difficult vocabulary words.



By: Olivia young and Laikan Heuker

Last week Mrs. Dawkins class the classroom started a new unit called cartography. (The meaning for cartography is when we use a grid to label continents and oceans, to find where you are on the map).

These last two weeks classroom #12, has been studying how to use a grid and, plane pieces of paper to see if they got it correct/similar to when you used a grid.

Classroom #12 also made a  tape square to use as a map, then the classroom used a grid to see if it was easier than using plain paper and a pencil.


RBI (Right Brain Initiative)

by Job Moseley, River Hergert, and Nicholas Heuker

 This week Mrs. Dawkins’ class had their third session with Mrs. Flinn. Students in the  brain class played a game called Zip, Zap, Zop. To begin, someone says “zip” and claps and then points to another person. That person says, “Zap” and then points to a person, who then says ” Zop.”  This continues until someone makes a mistake.

Another activity that Mrs. Flinn lead was doing careful observation. One partner looked carefully at the other and then turned around. Then the first partner changed three things about themselves. The second partner had to try to figure out what they had changed. 

The final activity was putting our acting skills to work. We had to act out a scenario that you might find on the playground, such as kids not included another kid in a game.  We will practice our scenarios more next week. 


ART: Leaves

By: Dario.Cerruti and Evan.Clark         

On Tuesday afternoon, Mrs. Dawkins class created painted leaves with watercolor paint which made them look cooler but to make them even cooler, when they blended different colors to make cooler ones.  Some people didn’t finish this week and will complete their leaf next week.