Shaw/Wold November 1

This week, we made nifty little models of the sun, Earth and moon.  We learned that the Earth travels around the sun as the moon travels around the Earth.  Hopefully your child showed you the model they made.  We also learned about the phases of the moon this week.  We found out why the moon can look like a circle, semicircle of crescent.  Afterward, we used a very academic tool (Oreos) to create models of each phase.  Chances are, you never saw these models.  I wonder what happened to them….

     In writing class, both groups published a piece of work.  Mrs Shaw’s writers completed personal narratives.  They wrote across multiple pages, taking care to add details to make their stories interesting to readers.  Mrs. Wold’s writers all completed a book about our first field trip.

     We’ve been reading 2 kinds of books in class lately.  In the morning, Mrs. Wold reads everyone an animal story that teaches a lesson. We’re doing this to help generate ideas for our work in drama.  In the afternoons, Mrs. Shaw has been reading books around the theme of being “the best you.”  The stories are about kindness and how to be considerate of those around you.

     If you’re looking for a fun activity this weekend, please consider examining your child’s scalp.  We’ve heard of a few new instances of head lice in K-1, including in our class.


Choice tidbits from this week:

The colder weather meant I (Mrs. Wold) had to wear tights for the first time.  As I sat at the carpet, a kindergarten boy looked horrified and exclaimed, “Whoa!  What made your legs turn brown?”

Mrs. Flinn (the drama teacher):  “Who can tell me an animal you might see in the woods around here?”

Child 1:  “A dinosaur.”

Mrs. Flinn:  “That’s a fun idea; but who can tell me an animal you could actually see around here?”

Child 2:  “A baby dinosaur.”