Wallace Newsletter 10/29-11/1

Hello Families!

We did something special this week for our weekly newsletter. Your students wrote it! We have been practicing being journalist and making observations about events. Here is what they wrote about our week!


Made by: mead laframboise and caleb kasner

This week the class learned how to be journalists. Some of the things the class learned was to observe little kids at ,recess,hall way,and in classes. Then the next day we observed the school. Then on a day Ms.Peterson said “journalists can’t say me my I we us I’m were because your not talking about ourselves”.  

The class also observed about a news report of a man named Todd/ a.k.a mr.gresham/our friends uncle. Gresham made a statue of him for  doing so much good deeds for others and expected nothing in return.

The journalist/ news reporters name is Steve Harttman.


By: David

This week in mr wallace’s class in reading: David is close to finishing harry potter and is thinking about buying the second book. He is hoping that j.k. Rowling will make a 8th book for when he finishes the 7th book.

After reading in mr wallace’s class David summarized what happened in harry potter to his substitute teacher david said “harry is going to the forbidden corridor, corridor 3 to stop whoever is trying to steal the sorcerer’s stone and whoever that is gave hagrid the dragon egg, but they got hagrid to speak about fluffy witch is a three headed dog that guards the sorcerer’s stone an than they got hagrid to say how to get past fluffy witch is to play music to make him fall asleep”

In mr wallace’s class they learned about non-fiction books they learned about main ideas and their support,text structure,parts of the text and how they fit together.


On thursday 11/1/18 in ms oakley’s music room.

It was ukelele day in music class.Ms okaley’s class was lining up outside of her music room door.She let us inside we sat down in a circle.She grabbed the ukelele cart.We grabbed the ukeleles the class also grabbed tuners to tune the ukeleles.Some people do not know how to tune so other people helped them. Ethan started playing his ukulele. He tried to play a song that was very popular. It’s called Under Pressure By Queen and Ethan said that it was really easy to play. He said you only use 2 chords and 1 string. He said to try it out. And on the other side of the music room Henry was helping Orin tune his ukelele.Orin was having a hard time so Henry showed him how to do it.Henry said “You have to turn the white things on the side of the ukelele”.So Orin did it and it when he played it it sounded good.He said “thanks hen”. Henry said “your welcome” to him and Henry started to play train is a coming.It is a song that the class are learning.Then it was time to clean up.The class put away the ukeleles.The class lined up at the door to go back to there classrooms.The class had fun in music class today and then all the classrooms left.They all went to math or whatever they have after music class.Henrys and Ethans class has math after this.They went into the classroom to get there notebook and go to there math class rooms.Henry was in ms petersons math class and Ethan was in ms Chius math class.It was a fun day after that they had recess and lunch and art expression.


With: Ashlyn and Cadence
On week 10-29 to 11-1 Mr.wallaces class the class watched a video about the calming way to breath.The guy in the video sort of looked like Mr. Wallace he said that you breath threw your diaphragm. When you breath threw your diaphragm you should be able to feel your breath when your hand is on your stomach. It is important to breath like this so you can end your time in red zone and go back to green.


By:Eva and Kaleena

This week in  Mr.Wallace’s class, room 11. The class  learned about Acts of wonder. They have a teacher named Ms.flin. She has brown hair, brown eyes. Mr.Wallace’s class learned a new game called Zip Zap Zop. What they was slip their hands and clapped. They put their foot out and made eye contact with the first person they saw. Then it just went on and on and on. After that they played a game called change three things and you have to guess.What you do is one person examens the other person and you turn around.

Then well the other person is turned around we would change something then you turn around. That is Mr.Wallace’s class learned.


By: Jesse gaither

This week’s for cartography, the class was trying to find the coordinates for Corbett grad school. The whole class was assigned a thing where they had to find the coordinates for the school. If they are closer to the Prime Meridian or the Equator.

By: Hunter Tlutos

 Most of our class have little numbers numbers to help you guys to get more accurate on maps and the letters on the compuse rose next to the numbers

by : Lilly Miller

This week (10.29-11.1.18) in Mr.Wallace’s class, they have been learning about cartography vocabulary. Some of the words they have learned over the week are: proportion, precise, longitude and latitude. They have been pretty good about not losing the papers but some of the students have lost them. The students who have lost their papers have gotten a second chance to look or get a new one. The pupils have been given a privilege to draw pictures for examples on the vocabulary paper, so far they have not lost this privilege. They have been focused and intrigued about cartography.


By: Hayden, Ava, Raven

This week in Mr. Wallace’s class, room 11 . There class had art expression, art expression is pretty self explanatory people share their art with their class. It could be something that they
drew or something that someone else made for them and they just want to share their art work to the whole class. This week Amira and Jack, Chase and Henry and Daniel.

First, henry and Daniel shared some drawings that they made.
The first picture they showed was a picture of “rage art” and second the showed a rainbow checkerboard picture. Third they showed a picture of a rainbow worm that was saying “yeet” which appeared to say “yeat”.
Lastly they showed a picture of Daniel jumping off a huge diving board.
Jack went next. He made a slide show about different types of cats, jack had lots of cats like siamese cats, and a scottish fold cats witch are super cute and have small folded ears just like their name.

Then Amira did a really nice part of goosebumps that looked like it took a long time. People loved how she used all of the good details from the best parts of all of the goosebump stories.
Then chase had his dinosaur picture that people say that he should colour in but it still looks very good.


By: Daniel, Henry, and Noah

At art expression this Tuesday in Mr.Wallace’s class this week Daniel and Henry were doing there art expresion. There  first picture was a rage art. Some of the other amazing art that Daniel and Henry created. It was big hat little hat and it continued until the top of the page the colors of big hat little hat our red blue purple black brown yellow pink green orange

There are 3 other pictures not counting the big hat little hat and the rage art.

If you are wondering what art expression is. It is when people go up in front of the class and show their art iand get refocused after lunch and recess. 


By Jack and Wyatt G

Last recess, mrs Peterson’s class Thursday (room 11), played last man standing at about 1:00 pm. Wyatt and Ethan ran to the worm and got on it. After that Cadence and Ashlyn came then her other friends came we started pushing each other off. Jack walked by and said “I guess I will play to” so he got on. All he was doing is sitting there holding on so tight that Wyatt and Ethan could not get him off. But when Wyatt got Ethan and the girls off it was just Wyatt and Jack. It was so hard but Wyatt pushed and push and Jack fell off. Wyatt started screaming “I WON!” then Wyatt fell down on the grass. Then we heard mrs Peterson say ‘it’s time to go” so Wyatt got up still saying “I WON”. Wyatt left with a headache.


By: Chase, Sashana, and Dominic

This week in Mr. Wallace’s class Chase, Sashana, and Dominic were playing football at recess. A lot of people play football. There is college football, high school football, grade school football, and NFL.  Sometimes little kids think there NFL players.

The class observed the 2nd and 3rd graders play at recess.  Some of them were playing football like 3 students from Mr. Wallace’s class. See? A lot of people like football!. Today they made teams and played a game of football and looked pretty fun. The students play two hand touch at recess.  

KNOCKOUT 11/1/18

By: Amira and Damian

In Mr.Wallace’s recess, class knockout was being held at the west playground. The players included Amira,Hayden, Damian,Wyatt.s, Hunter , Raven and Ms. Peterson. It  was a great game nobody got out for a long time, a lot of shouting was happening.”Great job!”Amira says to Wyatt. Everyone was having a great game and a great big smile on their. Then Ms.Peterson swoops in and makes a shot, “yay, good job” everyone shouts. No one made a big fuss if they didn’t make a hoop they just kept on trying.  This shows that everyone should get along like this class.

Have a great weekend!