Mrs. Dawkins’ Class News – 11/8/18

Mrs. Dawkins’ Class Report

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Written by the reporters of Mrs. Dawkins’ Class


Writing     By Andrew &  Ethan

This week our class looked at how news reports and feature articles are the same and how they are different. We used copies of the Gresham Outlook and our Scholastic News to compare and contrast each type of reporting. Each differs in timing, style and how they begin and end. Next week, we will be writing our own feature article.

High Frequency Words

By Mrs. Dawkins

Lists for next week’s test went home today! Kids should be studying these at home. Our test will be next Thursday!  


Reading      By Dario and Evan

Two weeks ago, Mrs. Dawkins class started reading non-fiction. This week we looked at how complex nonfiction books might have more than one main idea in a chapter or paragraph.

We also began a new read aloud a new book called The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. So far it is a  book with that seems to have multiple themes as in: Sadness, anger, panic and relief.


Ms.Peterson        By Payton, Lily, and Rhyder 

Ms. Peterson has been substituting for Mr. Wallace for the past 10 weeks.  We are sad to see her go, but happy that Mr. Wallace is coming back! Mr. Wallace has been home taking care of his new baby, Elliot, while Ms. Peterson has been in charge of his class. She worked very hard with not only Mr. Wallace’s class, but also with 4th  graders doing math. Some of our classmates have her as a math teacher. She lets many kids go at their own pace and she is much loved by all her students, including her math students. We wish her the best and hope she comes back to visit us soon!


Cartography         By Gena and Avalea

In Corbett Grade School In ms.Dawkins room the class has been learning ow to make and draw maps and plot points on the maps. When we are all done, we are going to use the maps to see the routes of the explorers. We are also drawing the ocean lines and the continents. It was really difficult and challenging to learn to draw the maps and plot points but sometimes it was fun. Next week in cartography we are moving on from cartography map making, to learning how the explores used their maps and followed their routes.


Band     By River, Nicholas and Job

At Corbett Grade School in the band room, Mr. Kilgore had the band student take a test on playin, Cardiff by the Sea. Everyone is expected to bring their instrument home every night so they can practice the song the band classroom is currently working on or go ahead. Mr. Killgore said anyone can go head on any songs, just make sure you are doing it correctly.


Art      By Isaiah and Jaden

Wednesday, Nov. 7,2018 in Mrs. Dawkins’ class all the students participated in an art project. The young artists learned how to mix the primary colors turquoise, yellow, and magenta, but there was a twist, The kids could not make animals or other things, but to only make things you can not name or shapes. This is always good because it helps calm the mind, release stress, and calm tense muscles. Mrs. Dawkins had an idea though, it was to make us move to different tables and of course we all knew that there would be a challenge. This was of course was one of the best art classes all year, And they all had fun.


Music and Movement –

Ms.Oakley`s Community Sing-along/Dance

By Delaney and Laiken

On Thursday, November 15, Ms.Oakley’s music class at Corbett Grade School will be hosting a community dance and sing-a-long. The times to view are 4:00 pm – -5:00 pm or 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm. Your family can choose one time to come and sing along with your kids and enjoy the music and dancing, The class will be playing ukuleles and be singing songs that they have been learning through the past months of school.

Families are getting these invitations because Ms.Oakley is inspiring kids to show their parents what moves and songs they can sing when their with a group of other great kids,she also wants kids to face their fear of doing things that are in front of crowds and let their voices be heard. Ms.Oakley has done a great job teaching the students how to play and sing songs that she made and ones on the radio.

Please come check out the community sing-along and dance and see what these students can do.


Veteran’s Day           By Olivia Young and Aaliyah Eastman

Veteran’s Day is Sunday, November 11, 2018, but we will be observing the holiday on Monday, November 12. That means no school on Monday. We will make up missing this day on Friday November, 16. Veterans day is when we celebrate the people that served to protect the USA from dangerous wars and deaths. Veterans risked their lives to keep us safe that is why we give one whole day to celebrate the men and women that served for our country and to also celebrate the bravery of those we have lost.


At Corbett District School in the MPB all the families of students will be able to attend to the Veterans day breakfast. At the breakfast you will get to have breakfast with the amazing people who served for our country. The breakfast will take place at 8:00am on Sunday November 11 2018. Even though Veteran’s Day is on Sunday we will be observing the holiday on Monday and will not have school.

Strings   By Greyson, Jonas, Reagan

When you walk in to strings class you will hear 36 violins, 14 cellos, 9 violas and 1 base. Some of the songs that the string class plays are Jingle Bells, Twinkle Twinkle, Dreidel and French Folk Song. Mr. Bloyer is guiding them in there musical path. Mr. Bloyer teaches the class all these great songs so that the class can perform in front of an audience. He has been teaching the class since the beginning of the school year. If you get a chance to meet him, take the opportunity because he is a really nice guy. Strings class is going really well this year because of all of the students and Mr. Bloyer working together.


Acts of Wonder

Kaylssa and CJ

Today we were playing the name game during acts of wonder. The name game is when you have a ball and you toss it around the circle and whoever has the ball says a name and then tosses it to the person that they said the name of. Mrs. Flinn kept adding balls to the game and sometimes we got silly and the balls would collide and other times we very focused and we did really well. Then we practiced what it would be like to be on heavy earth and light earth, what it would be like to be in heavy water and in light water, and what it would be like to be in heavy fire and then light fire. This prepared us for our skits. Then we practiced our skits about everyday obstacles that people face in life. We will have one more session with Mrs. Flinn before we meet with our buddy class to share our skits on Friday, November 16.