Wallace Newsletter 11/5-8

Hello Families!

Reading- Nonfiction

  • We continued to work on reading nonfiction texts this week!
  • Students found nonfiction books to read.
  • We learned the different text structures of a nonfiction text (compare and contrast, chronological, ect.).
  • Readers discovered that the title of a nonfiction book could be misleading.
  • We learned that there can be multiple main ideas in a nonfiction text.


Writing- Informative

  • Writers continued to be journalists this week.
  • Students read different articles from the newspaper to decide what kind of lead the journalists use when writing.
  • Journalists interviewed a classmate about an event that happened to them this weekend and wrote an article about it!



  • Artists created their own maps by finding the points of longitude and latitude of specific cities on the coast.
  • Students will continue to use these maps in their unit on explorers!


Right Brain Initiative- DRAMA

Please ask your child about:

  • The Name Game (with the ball)
  • Tableau or family portrait game


Veterans day- A friendly reminder:

  • We do not have school on Monday (11/12) due to Veterans day.
  • School will be in session on Friday (11/16).


Thank you for this opportunity to work with your students these last 11 weeks! Have a great rest of your year!


-McKenna Peterson