Weekly Newsletter by 4/5th Grade Journalists

Weekly reading 

By: Aubrey & Hennessey

Did you know your child should be reading 20-30 minutes a day? They need to be turning in their reading logs and filling them out. At home or in school . They are doing really good but if you could encourage them to read at home that would be awesome. There are some kids that are on the Rockin’ Readers list for reading at least four times a week. Some kids are even getting the reading log the reading the reading log is a cushion that goes on the kids chairs and the ground.

 Non-fiction reading

By Aiden and Jackson

At Corbett elementary school the 4th and 5th graders in Mrs. Young’s class room are beginning to read non-fiction books of their choice. Mrs. Young has been going back and forth to Multnomah county library in Troutdale to get non-fiction books.

When Cameron was asked how Mrs. Young knows what books to reserve, he stated, “ I put the name of the book on a sticky note and then I give it to mrs young.”mrs.young now has 111 non-fiction books checked out of the Multnomah county  library in Troutdale.


By Ella And Shayla

The Battle of the Books is a statewide competition in which teams from each class read a list of 16 books for their age group (third through fifth in our case). Some of the books on the list are…Wish, Real Friends, Roller Girl and Ugly.

In February there will be a competition for the third through fifth teams in Corbett Grade School. The team that wins this competition will go on to the Multnomah county competition. The school that wins that competition will go onto the statewide competition. Finally the school that wins that competition will win the Battle of the Books for 2018.

The kids from our class that are participating are Ella, Shayla, Dottie, Aubrey, Tristan and Sayvin.

Acts of wonder with Mrs.Flinn

By Grace and Tylen

In the classroom all of your kids are participating in drama called acts of wonder. In acts of wonder your kid is in a circle participating in games, short films such as zip zap zop, the ball game and movement. The class focuses on breathing for the yellow zone and red zone to get back to the green zone also on observations on other people and themselves. Every week on Wednesday we have acts of wonder this week we worked on focusing on moving  and on vocal cords and movement heavy, light, fire, water, air and earth.

⅘ Graders Becoming Journalists

By Kinley and Gabriela

At Corbett Grade School, the 4th and 5th graders in Mrs. Young’s class has been learning how to be journalists. This week they focused on leads and interviewing. The different leads are simple, newsy, explanatory, scenic, argumentative and sensational. In class they interviewed Ella because she is in a play called SchoolHouse Rock. After that, the journalists interviewed their writing partners.

Cafeteria Update

By Riley and Lev

This week, the kids at Corbett Grade School have gotten better at respecting Mrs. Tanya, the lunch supervisor, in the cafeteria. A week ago, they had been disrespectful but they are working on it, and it has gotten a lot better since then.

To solve that problem, Mrs. Tanya, the lunch supervisor, has turned the lights off at the beginning of lunch and snack, and the kids have dropped their noise level in the cafeteria.

“It gives me headaches when it gets too loud.” Says Mrs. Tanya.

Box Tops

By Zachary 11/8/18

The box tops for the Corbett grade school has been doing really good. The winner for Weptember is mrs Chiu’s class. and The winner  of October is mr Wallace’s class. Just remember to turn in those box tops.


By Sayvin and Tristan

Every week your child gets a spelling list to practice at home. There are tests on thursday and if your child misspells a word your child will get the same word the following week. If ms.young does not have any words from the 300 most common word list that the student missed she looks in the writing journal for misspelled words and she adds it to the list.the students to practise they write each word 3 times a day. “It helps the students because when they are writing the words a lot it helps them memorize the words” Sayvin says. Ms. young makes students use their creativity the students sometimes have to right in pyramid  form, rainbow form and few others. Remember to tell your kids spell,spell spell your words gently through weekend.



By Enrique & Ian

In Corbett grade school  . This week we have been learning about latitude (horizontal lines – ), and longitude (vertical lines | ). After we finished learning how to plot points, we got a key of where some landmarks of certain points of coastlines. We used this key to plot points on a piece of paper that showed latitude and longitude. The


By Cameron & Sammy

Recess is very fun but people are just being to rough when they play football. This has recently been happening on October 1st- November 8th. The people who play football have gotten better.Yet still they play rough in football. Do not play rough in school it is disrespectful. It is never ok. “I feel sad that others don’t know how to play nice”


By Hayden and Orin

On November 8/2018  In the Corbett Grade school for P.E we don’t have a P.E teacher but are home teacher mrs. Young is are P.e teacher and the games that we have played so far are…

  • Basketball
  • Knockout
  • Soccer
  • Medic
  • Dodgeball
  • Sprout-ball