Log In Info for DiMaggio Class Websites

Log In Info for Class Websites

Hi all!

I wanted to post the log in info for the websites we use in class, in case you want your kiddo to practice some reading, math, or typing online.  Students have been using Epic Books, Reflex Math, and Typing.com pretty regularly, some may be new to IXL Math Skills Practice.
Ms. D
EPIC BOOKS–Website: getepic.com
-Click Sign In (upper right corner)
-Students in Class Enter Class Code (right side): ZSC-3377
-Choose your child
READWORKS–Website: readworks.org
Click Student Log In (upper right corner)
Enter Class Code: LGW3NB
Choose your child
Password: corbett
REFLEX MATH–website: reflexmath.com
-Click Login->Student Login (upper right corner)
-Teacher Username: for DiMaggio: room15 / for Collins: l.collins / for Mack: rm13
-Choose your child’s math class
-Choose your child’s name
-Password: corbett
-Username: your child’s first initial last name@corbettsd (example: jdimaggio@corbettsd)
-Password: corbett
-Select Math and grade level to practice math skills
TYPING.COM–website: typing.com
Click Student Login in upper right corner
-Username: most students have their first and last name as their username (example: jendimaggio), however there are a few students that have an added . or 1, so if your child doesn’t remember their log in info, send me a message or an email and I will send it to you!
-Password: corbett
BLOOMZ–class info website/app: bloomz.net
Bloomz is an website/app where I post class photos and updates, schedule parent-teacher conferences, request volunteers, message parents and more. If you don’t already have an account, you can sign up very quickly:
  • From smart phone: Download the “Bloomz” app from the AppStore/PlayStore and click “Create Account”.
  • From browser, go to bloomz.com and click on “Join Bloomz”
  • In the text box, enter 2ZWCSW to create your account