Mrs. Young’s Newsletter

HI! Here is a quick rundown about what we have been learning about:

Reading at home: I have many Rockin’ Readers that are reading at home and filling our their reading log, in fact, 17 out of 23 students read over the winter break. Kiddos who choose not to read at home have been coming in during snack to do their “at home” reading homework then they go out for recess. Everyone who has had to come in have been very mature and respectful about making up their homework.

Reading~ Expert Groups: Flip Grid is a new tool that we will be using in the classroom. I post a question and then each student is asked to respond via video. This week’s question was, “If you could become an expert on any topic, what would it be and why?” Everyone did a wonderful job responding to the question using complete sentences, a speaking voice with professionalism. So, now what? All readers will research their topic using the internet, videos and books from the library to become more knowledgeable about their topic.

Writing~ We finished up our Journalism Unit and ready to move onto Research Based Argument.

Colonies~ I am excited about our upcoming unit, Colonies! We started the unit by referring to the Age of Exploration and asking ourselves, “What was England doing during the Age of Exploration?” This conversation will continue this upcoming week. Please ask your child, “What was England doing during the Age of Exploration?”

Thanks for having awesome kiddos and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns! Have a great week.