Reporting from Corbett Grade School…

Dear Families,

I asked the class for any volunteers that would be willing to write or record this week’s newsletter. Kamryn and Natasha volunteered to write a newsletter and present it on a Flipgrid. Kudos to these two future [pick your favorite: reporters, lawyers, talk show hosts, tour operators, journalists] for be willing to do this. Before we get to their video reporting on what we’ve been up to in the classroom, I need to go over some brief housekeeping items.

First off, I’ll be mailing student progress reports next week. Please look for them in the mail. They should arrive by the weekend, but you never know with the U.S.P.S. Sometimes I’ve mailed things in Hood River to another address in Hood River and it takes 13 days. As Sarah McLachlan would say, “…building a mystery…”

I bet you didn’t think you’d heard a Sarah McLachlan reference this weekend, did ya? Second, our Writer’s Celebration is scheduled for next Wednesday morning. Families are invited to come in, enjoy some breakfast munchies, and check out your child’s and other child’s published argument essay. There will be some breakfast munchies to enjoy. Seven students will be reading their argument essays out loud: Natasha, Kevin, Diya, Italia, Livia, Johnny, and Chase.

Third, permission slips for the overnight field trip will be shared through email the week of April 1st. Our overnight field trip will take place from Tuesday 5/14 to Thursday 5/16. We’ll be heading to the Scablands of Central Washington to look at evidence of the Missoula Floods. We’ll be staying at Delany Environmental Learning Center within Sun Lakes-Dry Falls State Park. I’ll be hosting an informational meeting on Wednesday, April 3rd at 4 pm in my classroom. You are more than welcome to come to learn about the trip. Attending the meeting is not required, so it’s ok if you can’t make it.

Lastly, there will be no school the week of March 25th for SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!! FLORIDA!!!!! HAWAII!!!!!! BEND!!!!!! TROUTDALE!!!!! PARKDALE!!!!!!

Here is Natasha and Kamryn’s report about this week in school.

Mr. B

Idiom of the Week: Talk Your Ear Off

Vocab of the Week: Rehearse, Affection, Meddle, Pry