LIFE EXPO – What comes next?

This past trimester students decided to participate in a Friday event at Corbett High School called, Life Expo – What comes next.

LIFE EXPO was an event created by YTP Transition Specialists Cathy Noles (Corbett School District) and Kathi Morris (Reynolds School District), and hosted at Corbett High School.  Juniors and Seniors on IEP’s or 504’s from Reynolds Learning Academy (RLA) and Corbett High School were invited to attend.  The main goal of this event was to educate these students about some of their options after high school and to teach them important life skills.  It was held on a Friday from 9 am until 3 pm. Students were served a light breakfast and lunch, so they only had to worry about getting themselves there on time. The rest was taken care of by staff.

Life skills that were covered at the event workshops were:

● Budgeting for College and Success

● How Do I Get an Apartment and Be a Good Renter

● No Car, No Worries

● All About Auto and Auto Insurance

● Paycheck Stubs and Taxes: What You Need to Know

● Adulting Tips on Being a Great Employee

● Safety and Situational Awareness

● How to Be, and Pick, a Good Roommate

The students who attended Life Expo were split into three groups and rotated between the seven 25-minute sessions.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the experience of being taught life lessons.  In the evaluations, the only negative comments were that they wished the sessions had been longer.  How often do you hear students say that?

Since this successful event has taken place, general education high school teachers have asked to do this with all junior and senior students. More interest has grown with special education students as well.  Planning for next year’s Life Expo will begin in the Fall of 2019.  We are excited to see this grow under the YTP umbrella and hope to see all students benefit from this type of event that prepares students for post graduate life.