Big changes in Culinary Careers program

Over this summer something new has been brewing in the Corbett School District kitchen (all puns intended).  Starting this fall, the kitchen will be seeing some new faces on its Culinary Arts team! Rodney has passed his tongs along to Katelyn Selzer White and Seth Tucker, who are excited to be building upon the existing program. They have lofty goals, but know that all good things take some time–so they’ve already started their plotting and planning for this coming year. Expect to see more news, as they develop and implement all the ways they plan to keep people current on the happenings in the Cardinal Kitchen!

Katelyn Selzer White (“Ms. White”)

If the name sounds familiar, it’s because I’ve been teaching around Corbett School District–as a student teacher, and then a substitute–for the last 8 years. Most of this past year I spent teaching Algebra II and AP Statistics in the high school, and I am excited about this new adventure. I look forward to increasing the education options in Corbett that pertain to consumer sciences and the hospitality field! 

As a parent with children in the school district, and a Corbett resident (Corbettian? Corbettite?), what comes out of the kitchen is important to me. It is also important to me that we are educating students–throughout the grades–on making their own healthy dietary choices, knowing what is in their food, and why it all matters.

This summer will find me working with Seth to craft our new curriculum, pleading with my garden to grow faster, and chasing around my three boys (plus the other animals on our property). I am eagerly anticipating the start of school in the fall, and if you catch me around before then, I would love to hear about your own favorite Cardinal lunch, things you always wanted to learn about Culinary Arts, your Hogwarts house, or how you have been combating the moles this year.

Seth Tucker

It took me 22 years, but I finally made it back to campus! I was born and raised in Corbett, and am a class of ‘97 alumni. I am so excited for this new challenge that we have ahead of us. I hold a degree in Culinary Arts, and have spent the last 20+ years in the restaurant industry in various and sundry forms from Executive Chef of large scale hotel operations to operating, with my wife, a small CSA on our Corbett family farm. 

Over the years my focus has shifted towards mentoring new cooks and the importance of our food system. I strongly believe that changes within that system begin with education. 

Having a family and children in the district has highlighted the significance of what we feed our children. When this opportunity came along my imagination ignited.

We are already starting to set our goals and are eager to get to work making this program what we know will be a transformative success. I will be around the kitchen a lot so please stop in and say hi. I don’t know much about Hogwarts, and don’t get me started on the moles, but if you want to talk food I’ve got you covered.