COVID-19 Update: 3-13-2020

Based upon guidance from the OHA, CDC, ODE and other partners plans for staff to attend an in-service to prepare for possible on-line/remote education delivery have been pushed to March 30th and 31st. Currently, students are scheduled to begin receiving instruction on April 1st. That instruction could be in person traditional instruction, or online/remote instruction.  Obviously, this is a fluid situation and difficult to predict at this time.

Until official instruction begins younger students are encouraged to read or be read to for 10-30 minutes per day and, when appropriate, work on IXL for math or complete math lessons in their textbooks as age appropriate. Teachers of older students may assign work for this extended spring break similar to the work they would normally assign during a vacation. 

Our food service program is working to provide meal boxes for students  who are on free and reduced lunch or who are struggling during this extended break. Monday the 16th families and students who are in need are welcome to stop by the middle school foye between the hours of 9:00 and 12:00 and pick up one bag of food for every two students in the family. Bags have been created to provide lunch for two students for four days. There is no need for people who are collecting the food bags to check in at the office! Please, send just one person into the entryway, collect your bag(s) and return to your car. We are trying to minimize contact between staff and our constituents. If you are unable to collect the food during that time period please email Randy Trani and the district will arrange alternate time/delivery options. 

Finally, at this point, if we are able to begin delivering instruction on April 1st Corbett School District will not be required to make up any school days and the end of the school year will occur as normal. However, this situation is very fluid and we appreciate your continued understanding. 

More information and ongoing updates from public health officials are available online, including: