COVID-19 Update: 3-17-2020

COVID-19 March 17th

First, thank you to the outpouring of support from people offering to help with delivering meals, online resources, and even a substantial financial donation to help support continued meal services to students on free and reduced lunch!  We do have a limited number of bags of food still available for students and families on free and reduced lunch. Please email  to arrange pickup or drop off as needed. 

Staff have been working to begin delivering online/remote education as quickly as possible. The learning curve for staff varies widely and currently everything that is being shared with students can be viewed as “supplemental work”.  With that said, please encourage your students to actively engage with the work that their teachers are able to share with them. At the least we want to start teaching students good work habits in case an online/remote learning platform becomes a longer term reality!

We have received many requests for support and are working to get the required technology into student’s hands who need screens at home as quickly as possible. It is a challenging task; thank you for your patience.  Rest assured that if your students are unable to access the internet now nothing that is being launched right now by staff is required work. Thank you for your flexibility as we work to get every staff member and every student able to communicate, teach, and learn on a remote platform. 

Finally, superintendents heard today that the Governor will likely make a major announcement regarding K-12 education in the next 24 hours. Currently, we do not know what that announcement might entail.  Superintendents are scheduled for a statewide online meeting after the Governor makes her announcement. Hopefully, we will have clear guidance from the Governor and be able to move forward with more certainty.  

More information and ongoing updates from public health officials are available online, including:

Oregon Department of Education (ODE) Communicable Disease Guidance: