Information for Free and Reduced Lunch Pick-Up for the Week of March 30th-April 2nd

The district will be providing lunch bags for pick-up for students on free and reduced lunch  and for those who are struggling Monday March 30th from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. The bags will be available for “grab and go” pickup at the exterior entrance to the kitchen. (The MPB door by the music room.)  Please send only one person to the door and respect social distancing guidelines if others are picking up when you arrive. Bags will be split into two groups; bags with enough food for one student for the week, or bags with enough food for two students for the week.  Please mix and match bags as appropriate for your family. Food Service Manager Seth Tucker will be recording pickup information to comply with requirements of the free and reduced lunch program. If this time period does not work for you, or you need the food delivered, please contact Seth Tucker at

Stay healthy!