Statement About Racism and Social Justice

Corbett School District is committed to creating a safe, secure, and inclusive environment for our marginalized students and families; we have traditionally fallen short and plan to make substantial change. There is a great deal of work to be done. We are committed to challenging our own biases and to use this as an opportunity to reflect and change our practices. We are developing antiracist and social justice curricula based on a wealth of resources and experts to be implemented across the district.

We acknowledge that this is a difficult conversation that we have not started publicly with our community. As a staff that is almost entirely white, we acknowledge it is our responsibility to not remain neutral about racism, but to actively reject the empty words and platitudes of the past. Action is essential.

Here are some areas in which we plan to begin:
– staff education
– student education
– equity audits
– community outreach
– inviting honest conversations

We need to grow together as a community. We need to embrace our vulnerabilities and educate ourselves. We understand more than we did yesterday, and we hope to understand more tomorrow than today.

The Diversity and Culturally Responsive Practices Committee of Corbett School District