District Standards for Admitting Non-Resident Students to Corbett School District’s Charter School

Corbett School District will be accepting out of district students commensurate with State law regarding charter lotteries. Corbett School District will not deny consent for a student to enter or give priority for admission based on race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, ethnicity, national origin, disability, terms of an individualized education program, income level, proficiency in the English language or athletic ability.

Applicants may apply starting July 1st on the district website. Applications will be accepted until July 14th at 12:01 AM. A lottery, should it be needed, will take place after the close of the application process. The district will create an ordered list of applicant names based on the fair and equitable lottery process. Applicants who are selected to attend Corbett School District via the lottery process will have 10 days from the date of notification to confirm their intention to attend Corbett School District during the 2020-2021 school year. If confirmation is not received within those 10 days their space will be forfeit and the next person on the list will be notified that they have been admitted to the Corbett School District.

Corbett will be admitting the following numbers of students in the following grade levels and programs.  

Grades | Number of Students Accepted into Corbett School

K-1 | 76

2-3 | 16

4-5 | 6

6-12 | (Up to 10 students per grade level who have siblings currently enrolled in Corbett School District)

If more students apply for admission in any grade level/grade range than there is space, the district will hold a fair and equitable lottery for each grade level span; lotteries will start with 6-12th grade students and progress down through the grade levels. Within each grade level/grade range, lottery priority will be given according to the following criteria and in this order:

  • Resident district students are automatically admitted and do not need to apply for admission.
  • Students on inter-district transfers (transfer students) attending a district school. (This includes students granted transfer status through C.B.A.s)
  • Other non-resident students currently attending a district school via some other means such as through tuition.
  • All other students.

Within each of the four categories listed above students with siblings already admitted to the district will be given priority over other students in the same category who do not have a sibling admitted into the district. The following examples illustrate this process.

Example 1: Corbett school district has space for 10 students in a 9th grade program. Three resident district students, two current inter-district transfer students, four students who currently attend school at a charter school in the district, and 15 out of district students apply. In this scenario the 3 resident district students, two inter-district transfer students and four current charter school students are automatically admitted to the first grade program. The remaining 15 out of district applicants will compete, via a lottery, for the remaining spot

Of the 15 out of district applicants three have siblings already admitted to the district. Only, these three students will have their names entered into the lottery. One student’s name will be drawn and they will be awarded the spot.

Example 2: Corbett School District announces it has space for one 9th grade student in a program. One district resident student applies, one inter-district transfer student applies, and one current charter student applies. The inter-district transfer student has a sibling in 3rd grade who has been admitted to the district and believes they should have priority over the in district resident student due to the sibling rule. What is the answer? No! A resident district student always has priority in any lottery over any out of district student. Additionally, the sibling rule only applies within each category; it does not give a lower category preference over a higher category.

Please complete the following application; one for each student applying, at this link: