Return to School: Fall 2020 Comprehensive Distance Learning

First, we want to thank you all for your patience, assistance, grace, and engagement as together we navigate these complex and difficult times. Our families, staff, and School Board members are working in collaboration to ensure that the 2020-21 school year is one of academic and social-emotional growth for each of our students, despite the challenges we face.

We will open the year in Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL). The state has established health metrics for COVID-19 in every county that must be met before schools are permitted to reopen. Multnomah County does not meet these metrics, and we don’t expect to for many weeks or months. We will remain in Comprehensive Distance Learning until at least November 19th and will only be able to move to an on-site model once the metrics are met by the state and county.  We will review the metrics the first week of November to determine the instructional model for the second trimester. 

Comprehensive Distance Learning is a new way of learning and teaching for students and staff, and we are all adapting as new information and challenges emerge. Therefore, our plans are a work in progress and subject to change. One thing we do know is that distance learning this Fall will be far more rigorous, engaging, interactive, and supportive than the distance learning we were suddenly forced to switch to last Spring. We know CDL imposes serious hardships on many of our families, and we are committed to providing supports when and how we can. We are also committed to providing your students with meaningful and engaging academic programming that will ensure that they learn, grow, and thrive in 2020-21.

One of our goals in this process is to provide families and students with all the information they need in order to be successful. With that in mind, please be on the lookout for invitations to the following events:

Welcome Back Virtual Event: Hosted by interim superintendent Dan Wold on Thursday, August 27th, at 5:30 PM.

Building level informational sessions:  These sessions will be recorded and posted on the district website for those who are unable to attend. 

Tue, Aug 25. 06:00 PM – Senior Next Steps Night

Wed, Aug 26. 06:00 PM – 8/9 Academy Information Night

Wed, Aug 26. 06:00 PM – Grade School Back to School Parent Meeting

Thu, Aug 27. 06:00 PM – 8/9 Academy, Corbett High School Back to School Night

Thu, Aug 27. 07:00 PM – Main Campus 6/7 Back to School Parent Meeting

Thu, Aug 27. 6:00 PM – K-8 CAPS Back to School Parent Meeting 

Individual Family/Student Conference – The classroom teachers will be contacting each of their families before school begins to schedule an individual conference.  The goal will be to gather information about how we can best serve each student in our district. 

Corbett School District’s Guiding Principles

Ensure safety and wellness​: Keep students, families and staff physically and emotionally safe.

Cultivate connection and relationship:​ Care for the social-emotional needs of students and staff.

Center Equity:​ Differentiate to meet the learning needs of every student with an intentional focus on our most marginalized student populations.

Innovate:​ Keep learning the priority by creating a strong learning environment no matter what delivery model. 

Why Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL)?

The State of Oregon has mandated that in order to resume in-person instruction in any form, including hybrid instruction models when students are only sometimes in the classroom, the following COVID-19 health conditions must be met:

Statewide Metrics: Must be met three weeks in a row

Test positivity of 5% or less over 7 days

County Metrics: Must be met three weeks in a row

10 or fewer new cases per 100,000 people over 7 days 

Test positivity of 5% or less over 7 days

To date, neither the state nor Multnomah County have met these conditions, and Corbett School District has committed to remain in CDL until November 19th, or until health conditions improve enough to allow on-site instruction.

Calendar changes to allow for staff training & planning

In order to allow our staff time to prepare for CDL we have altered our calendar so that the first day of school will be September 8.  We have also changed November 23 and 24 from student contact days to staff inservice days.  This will allow staff time to prepare for the return to on-site learning if the metrics allow or to continue with comprehensive distance learning. 2020-21 ACADEMIC CALENDAR

Additional Information

Please click on the following links to for more information, details, and definitions related to CLD:

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