More Bond Information

Corbett School District has a $4M bond on the ballot for the November 3rd 2020 election (Measure 26-220)

What projects and related costs are planned for the $4M Bond + $3.88M matching grant?

        Relocate Middle School and District Office to Woodard Campus, including: renovation of existing buildings to create six classrooms and one flex space; construct new admin, restrooms, and multi-purpose space; renovation of existing building for District Office; site improvements for parking, septic, bus and vehicle pick-up lanes, stormwater quality/retention, demolition of outbuildings. $4,454,000

        Main Campus Improvements, including: decommission existing middle school building (leaving boiler and telecom infrastructure in place); Grade School roof repairs; Renovation of High School for Career and Technical Education (CTE), ADA and Title IX (gender equity) including CTE equipment, locker rooms remodel & elevator; Multi-Purpose Building seismic retrofit and electrical upgrades. $1,113,000

        Soft Costs for both sites, including: design and consulting fees, reports, escalation, permits, and fees; Furniture, fixtures and equipment such as lunch tables for Woodard; Technology such as wiring switches, wifi, etc. for Woodard. $1,008,000

        Refinance loan used for purchase of Woodard site (to the extent there are remaining funds at conclusion of projects). $500,000

        Preliminary contingency levels are 12% on hard costs for renovation areas, 10% on hard costs for new construction, and 10% on soft costs. Typically contingency numbers are adjusted as design is completed and uncertainties become known.  $704,000

        Bond issuance costs $100,000

Total $7,879,000