CAPS/Springdale Lead in Water Testing

The Corbett School District continues to test for lead in water as part of the Oregon Department of Education’s Healthy and Safe Schools program.  The results for CAPS/Springdale have been received from Edge Analytical and are posted in summary form below. 

Action needs to be taken for tests resulting in levels at 15ppb or higher.  All test results for CAPS/Springdale were below that level.

A full copy of the report is available by clicking here.

Water Testing Results – CAPS/Springdale School
Action Level is 15 parts per billion (ppb)
Fixture Location DescriptionFixture ID #Test DateTest Results (ppb)
CAPS Main Hall Drinking Fountain Left21860102-001DW5/6/21ND
CAPS Main Hall Bottle Filler Fountain Right21860102-002WB5/6/21ND
CAPS Lobby Staff Restroom Sink21860102-003BF5/6/21ND
CAPS Lobby Public Restroom Sink21860102-004BF5/6/21ND
CAPS Lower Left Classroom Sink (A. Long)21860102-005CF5/6/21ND
CAPS Classroom 115 Sink21860102-006CF5/6/21ND
CAPS Classroom 118 Sink21860102-007CF5/6/211.10
CAPS Classroom 123 Sink21860102-008CF5/6/213.9
CAPS Classroom 124 Sink21860102-009CF5/6/21ND
CAPS Right Hallway Girls Room Sink21860102-010BF5/6/21ND
CAPS Right Hallway Boys Room Sink21860102-011BF5/6/21ND
CAPS Right Hallway Drinking Fountain Left21860102-012DW5/6/21ND
CAPS Right Hallway Drinking Fountain Right21860102-013DW5/6/21ND
CAPS Classroom 117 Sink21860102-014CF5/6/21ND
CAPS Exterior Spigot Outside Room 11521860102-015OS5/6/212.4
Retest: None needed.
ND = Non Detect – Lead level is below the set detection limits of 1ppb