Lead in Water Re-Test Results for Middle School & MPB

Certain test results for lead in water in the middle school and MPB had come back at or above the action level of 15ppb.  These fixtures were re-tested and are now below the action level.  The results from Edge Analytical are posted in summary form below.

Full copies of the re-test reports are available in the district office or by clicking on the building name below:

Water Re-Testing Results – Re-testing for Certain Middle School and MPB Fixtures
Action Level is 15 parts per billion (ppb)
Fixture Location DescriptionFixture ID #Re-Test DateRe-Test Results (ppb)
MS Copy Room Sink21860103-012CF5/11/20215.4
MPB GS Cafeteria Drinking Fountain Left21860106-008DW5/12/202111.1
MPB Kitchen Sink Nearest Serving Area21860106-011KF5/12/20212.22
MPB Kitchen 3-Sink Dish Washing Faucet Right21860106-013KF5/12/20211.39