Lead in Water Re-Test Results for Grade School, High School, & High School Gym Building

Certain initial test results for lead in water in the grade school, high school, and high school gym buildings came back at or above the action level of 15ppb.  These fixtures were re-tested and all but one, a sink in the HS gym building, are now below the action level.  Regarding the sink in the HS gym building: students and the general public do not have access to this sink, a warning sign has been posted on it, and it will be repaired this summer.

The results from Edge Analytical are posted in summary form below. Full copies of the re-test reports are available in the district office or by clicking on the building name below:

Water Re-Testing Results – Re-testing for Certain Grade School, High School, and High School Gym Building Fixtures: Action Level is 15 parts per billion (ppb)
Fixture Location DescriptionFixture ID #Re-Test DateRe-Test Results (ppb)
GS Room 16 Drinking Fountain21860100-009DW6/14/20211.36
GS Room 13 Drinking Fountain21860100-015DW6/14/2021ND
GS Room 11 Drinking Fountain21860100-019DW6/14/2021ND
GS Room 10 Drinking Fountain21860100-021DW6/14/2021ND
GS Room 9 Drinking Fountain21860100-023DW6/14/20211.24
GS Office Rest Room Shower21860100-027SH6/14/2021ND
GS Room 8 Drinking Fountain21860100-032DW6/14/20211
GS Room 7 Drinking Fountain21860100-034DW6/14/20211.19
GS Room 5 Drinking Fountain21860100-038DW6/14/20211.28
GS Room 3 Drinking Fountain21860100-042DW6/14/2021ND
GS Room 1 Drinking Fountain21860100-046DW6/14/20213.23
HS Classroom 16 Sink21860104-009CF6/14/2021ND
HS Classroom 18 Left Sink21860104-017CF6/14/2021ND
HS Commons Drinking Fountain21860104-019DW6/14/20211.31
HS Classroom 20 Left Sink21860104-020CF6/14/2021ND
HS Front Gym Concession Sink21860105-008SF6/10/202133.3
HS Gym Girls Locker Room Shower Head21860105-013SH6/10/20211.84
HS Gym Girls Locker Room Coaches Sink21860105-018BF6/10/20214.82
HS Gym Girls Locker Room Coaches Shower21860105-019SH6/10/2021ND
HS Gym Boys Locker Room Shower Head21860105-021SH6/10/20214.02
HS Gym Boys Locker Room Coaches Sink21860105-026BF6/10/20211.04
HS Gym Boys Locker Room Coaches Shower21860105-027SH6/10/20211.24
ND = Non Detect – Lead level is below the set detection limits
of 1ppb