About Corbett Arts Program with Spanish

CAPS is the Corbett Arts Program with Spanish housed in the historic Springdale School two miles west of the main Corbett School campus. We are a K-8 program serving 170+ Corbett District students.

At CAPS we follow the same curricular track as the main campus and follow all state standards. There is a strong music program at CAPS with strings, choir, and general music classes. We also adhere to the same philosophies as the Corbett School District regarding multi-age instruction, continuous progress for individual learning, narrative reporting of student progress and an integrated project-oriented style of instruction. At CAPS we have thoughtfully chosen to integrate the arts throughout our curriculum in order to better understand the topics we study, ourselves, and our world. We use the arts as a lens through which we can access and deeply understand our curriculum. Like the main campus, our reading and writing approach is closely aligned to the Lucy Calkins units of study. Every student in CAPS will have instruction in Spanish twice a week. In Spanish class, we primarily learn through stories and active engagement with the language and culture. Students at any level can be successful!

Our core values are to provide:

● A safe environment where risk-taking and failure are embraced as an integral part of the learning process.

● A thematic approach incorporating core academics, the arts, community building and physical education to address the whole student.

● Opportunities to recognize, personally and publicly, student progress, successes, and challenges.

● Tools that will equip our students to be lifelong learners: persistence, creative thinking, problem solving, individual and group opportunities, resilience, self-reflection, evidence-based argumentation, and more.

● Opportunities for our students to view themselves as competent, contributing members of their communities.

● Healthy tools for our students to allow them to evaluate and advocate for themselves and others.

● Encouragement for our students to not only develop their strengths, but also to set goals for improving their weaknesses.