Graduation Parking Map

Click here for the Corbett High School Graduation Parking Map.

Please consider the following guidelines to ensure that all graduates and families have the best possible viewing experience at Graduation. Please recognize that this is an unconventional ceremony in a parking lot, and viewing will not be perfect.

  • The Class of 2021 will have assigned parking spots in the grade school parking lot for the graduation ceremony.  
  • Graduates and their families will enter the parking lot after participating in the parade from the Troutdale Dairy Queen that starts at 6:30 pm on May 30th.  
  • Each car must have a parking pass that will be handed to graduates on May 25th.  Students were notified via email on May 17th of their parking assignment
  • Please do not change car sizes,  as we were careful to put smaller cars in front of larger cars.  Let Ms. Radulesk know if you have a concern about car size! We have very little room for making changes to parking spots.