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Corbett School District offers an approach to education that can not be found in most settings in the state of Oregon. The district has embraced multi-age classrooms in grades K-8 for more than 15 years which sets it apart from most public schools. The multi-age model effectively prepares students for the challenge of high school as evidenced by the dramatic successes achieved by students at Corbett High.

Corbett Grade School offers a place based education that has been recognized across the region for its innovative design. Students enjoy a six year long curriculum centered around our beautiful Columbia River Gorge. The specific skills students learn while studying The Gorge are transferable to any lense or focus, while simultaneously connecting students to the area in which they live and learn.

CAPS or the Corbett Arts Program With Spanish, located in the Springdale School, is a K-8 program focusing on incorporating the arts into the broader curriculum as well as providing Spanish instruction to all students K-8. Students at CAPS prosper in multi-age classrooms where they are free to integrate “the arts” into their thematic based units of instruction.  

Corbett Middle School, like the other two schools, offers multi-age instruction against the dynamic backdrop of thematic instruction that integrates community building exercises and experiences throughout each student’s day.  Students participate in a daily morning meeting, form lasting relationships with peers and teachers in their 6-8th grade classrooms, travel the city, region, and state while completing as many as a dozen field trips each year, all against the backdrop of thematic instruction that meets each student at their zone of proximal development.  

Corbett High School has been recognized as one of the highest performing schools in the country by The Washington Post, Newsweek, and US News and World Reports.   Students are challenged by the most prolific Advanced Placement program in the state; a program that produces one of the highest graduation rates in the state. For instance, the class of 2017 saw every single student get admitted to college and the average graduate had more than $40,000 in financial aid.  

The academics at Corbett in grades K-12 are a large part of the answer to the question “Why Corbett?”  People move to Corbett from all over the country to be a part of this environment and every year more people apply to get into the District than we can possibly accommodate.   But they don’t just apply because of the academics, the small close knit school environment, a rich array of music and the arts, as well as an extensive extra-curricular programming package make Corbett a destination district.