January 19, 2018

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Week of October 28th

I’ll try to keep this message brief, as I know that everyone is anxious to go trick-or-treating! (Not trigger treating as one of our students wrote this week!) We have been extremely busy this week posting pages to our project… [Read More…]

Trillium Room Oct. 31 with photos

This week, each class completed their study of either sun, moon or stars.  Next week, we’ll trade classes so each class can learn about a new topic.  Ms. Belesiotis is making a fun display showing Trillium kids looking up at… [Read More…]

Week 10 was Awesome!~Christian King

This week, the eighth graders took the PPSAT test. The six graders watched a video clip about the midle ages,  and the 7th graders rocked hard with the teachers, ate donuts while on a field trip to SCRAP and Tidal… [Read More…]

Trillium Room Virtual lost-and-found

Dear parents, The clothing in these pictures belongs to NO ONE.  Yes, no one in the class will claim them.  If you see something that you think your child owns, please let us know.  Anything that is not claimed by… [Read More…]

Chaucer and the Prologue to the Canterbury Tales

I’ve asked you to challenge yourself and memorize the first 18 lines of the Prologue to Chaucer’s, The Canterbury Tales, in Old English.  This is no easy feat.  Below is the link to the video I’ve shared with you in… [Read More…]

FAQ’s and More – College Ahead! Mark Your Calendar

There are some important dates coming up for high school seniors intending to go to college. Friday, November 1st, 8 AM  – Bus Trip to Portland National College Fair, Oregon Convention Center Students and parents interested in attending the College… [Read More…]

An important change

A student’s high school experience is comprised of many things: classes and prom and music rehearsals and sports competitions. Every kid takes a different path, but hopefully, every kid’s high school experience ends in the same way, with graduation. If… [Read More…]


We finished our super cool informational bulletin board on mountains! Every member of the class played a role in helping this bulletin board come to fruition. From researching key vocabulary words in different books about mountains, cutting out mountains, tracing… [Read More…]

Week of October 21st

As part of our Jump Into EPals project, we explored the Smithsonian on EPals today. Students discovered some interesting articles, engaging activities, and fun games while learning something new. Please take a look at the website with your child this… [Read More…]

Chicken Kabobs + Jeopardy + CYOA = Week 9! by Daphne Scott

Our class this week has had a lot of fun! We’ve gone on field trips and played our Religion Jeopardy game.  On our field trip, we visited a Buddhist temple, marveled at a beautiful Greek Orthodox church and ate Lunch… [Read More…]