January 20, 2018

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Medieval Festival – Corbett Middle School Main Campus

Here ye, here he! Medieval Festival & Banquet Wednesday, December 14th 3:45-7:30 p.m. Dinner & Pageant at 6ish Join us for a medieval meal, shopping in the marketplace, browsing a museum, viewing catapults and listening to performances. Reserve your medieval… [Read More…]

No Practice Charts Due Nov. 28th

Statement from the Oregon State Board of Education

The Corbett School District stands behind the following statement from the Oregon Department of Education.   Oregon Department of Education Executive Officer, Jessica Nguyen-Ventura: via email jessica.nguyen-ventura@ode.state.or.us Statement from the Chair on Behalf of the Oregon State Board of Education… [Read More…]

Corbett Softball – Pies available!

The softball team has had a very successful Thanksgiving pie sale.  Great bunch of girls.  And Rodney was an incredible help to us. We made extra pies since we had the ingredients.  Can you post the following notice on the… [Read More…]

Middle Ages Story Assignment and Rubric


Superquiz #11


Superquiz #10


Superquiz #9


Superquiz #8


Week of November 14th

If you notice that your child is becoming more argumentative, perhaps our new writing unit – The Research Based Argument Essay – is to blame. Students are learning that reasons supported by evidence are much more persuasive to others than just… [Read More…]