February 19, 2018

District Profile

Just 22 miles from downtown Portland Oregon unincorporated Corbett Oregon hosts Corbett School District (CSD) in a picturesque setting.  Primarily a rural community, with an ever increasing bedroom community  for people who work in Portland, Corbett enjoys hosting CSD.   As the primary employer in the community CSD serves a critical leadership role in local politics.

Corbett School District (CSD), located at the mouth of the Columbia River Gorge –a national scenic area– is widely recognized as one of the highest performing districts in the state of Oregon. Serving more than 1100 students in three schools, Corbett Schools, Corbett Arts Program with Spanish (CAPS) and Corbett Charter School (CCS), the district embraces a continuous progress model, multi-age instruction, place-based education, as well as a rigorous program known as Advanced Placement (AP) for ALL at the high school level.  The AP for All program has garnered national attention for CSD with recognition by Newsweek and The Washington Post.  Both publications have identified Corbett High School as one of the top 10 schools for AP participation in the nation.