Updated Results of Water Testing

Originally Posted: October 17, 2016

The District opted to conduct a more extensive second round of water testing and included evaluating copper levels as well as re-testing for lead levels.  The sample base was also expanded from 10 samples to 38 samples. The District is sharing the results of those tests by clicking here for Part 1 and here for Part 2, via email, and posted in the District Office.

Although copper levels are not required to be tested the District opted to test for copper.  All results from the copper testing were within accepted limits.

Five of the tests for lead came back above accepted limits.  Four are from sinks, one from a fountain:

  1. HS Gym Concession Sink
  2. Science Lab Sink
  3. Girls Coaches Sink
  4. Vista House Sink (room in basement)
  5. Gym Hall drinking fountain

While none of the elevated levels were extreme in nature the District has removed all cause for worry by disabling all five fixtures. The fixtures will either be permanently removed or replaced and retested.

The District takes this very seriously and will continue to monitor lead and copper levels and share results as they become available.

Additionally, the District will begin monitoring radon levels across campus this winter.