Visions and Values Meeting 2 Synopsis

Vision and Values Committee Summary of Meeting #2

The second meeting of the Corbett Schools Visions and Values Committee convened on May 20, 2019, with all twenty members present, facilitated by Kristin Miles of the Oregon School Boards Association (OSBA).  Much of the meeting centered around clarifying the purpose and deliverable of the group.  While the Saxton Report was fairly clear in recommendations for composition, consensus and timeline, it was fairly vague about scope.  The committee determined that the outcome of their work would be a Vision Statement and list of Values to help guide strategic planning and future decision making of the District. The committee expressed a desire for civility and grace from the community as they embark on the Vision and Values process.  The composition of the committee was discussed as being 1/3 “supporters”, 1/3 “detractors” and 1/3 “balanced” members.  It was requested that the selection process be described in further detail.  The group discussed the importance of focusing on students as the Vision and Values are composed.  As the group determines a need for information in the future, the possibility of bringing other sources such as community members to present to the group was discussed.  A charter district application has been received by the District, and a separate committee composed of volunteer members from this committee (but not including board members) will be formed to review the application for completeness.  The committee expects to begin discussing values at the next meeting and requested to review example values of other education institutions.