Visions and Values Meeting #5

Visions and Values Committee Summary of Meeting #5

The Visions and Values Committee met on September 23, 2019, facilitated by Kristen Miles from OSBA.  Fourteen of the twenty members were present. The group reviewed revised draft Values Statements presented in two format options.  A preferred format was selected and several edits were made. The group then reviewed several draft Vision Statement phrases, voted on favorite phrases, then discussed key meanings and preferred language in the top three phrases.  Next, the group determined a plan for getting community feedback. The first action within the plan is to poll attendees of the upcoming Community Engagement Night happening on Tuesday, October 8th from 5:30-7:00pm at all Corbett Campuses.  Further community feedback is planned for later in the process.  The group expects the process will be completed in one or two more meetings.