Important change coming

In an effort to reduce costs and paper waste, Corbett High School (grades 8-12) will be moving to a paperless system for distributing students’ grade information to parents. Here’s how it will work: At tomorrow’s parent/teacher conferences, Ms. Gibbs and Ms. Childress will be available to assist parents in getting their parentVUE accounts established. Once set up, parentVUE provides real-time access to students’ grade and attendance information on demand. This time around, printed versions of mid term progress reports will be available as needed at the parent/teacher conferences. However, mid term and final grade reports will no longer be mailed via ground mail going forward. Instead, parentVUE will become our primary avenue for transmitting students’ academic information.

If you need help in establishing your parentVUE account, please contact Mr. Pearson ( or Ms. Childress ( If electronic access is not an option and you need for your student’s grade information to be mailed to you, please contact Ms. Gibbs (