HS, 8/9 Academy: Virtual Learning 11/8-11/12

In order to pause the spread of COVID in our school community, Corbett 8/9 Academy and Corbett High School will have virtual school Monday 11/8-Friday 11/12 (Zoom School). The number of students that have tested positive for COVID, are on quarantine as a result of direct contact with a COVID-positive person, or have pending COVID test results increased exponentially as the week wore on, and this effort aims to prevent further spread and quarantines before the end of the trimester, Thanksgiving, and the beginning of the winter sports season.

Effective Sunday 11/7 through Sunday 11/14, clubs, sports, and other on campus activities for students in grades 8-12 are cancelled. This includes preseason sports workouts, open gym, 8th grade participation in 7/8 boys basketball, etc.

Classes will meet at their regular times on Zoom, and will last 45 minutes. Teachers will email their class a Zoom link and other needed information shortly. Look out for these emails, as they will contain important updates specific to each class.

Any late work deadlines scheduled for November 8-12 will be pushed back to November 16 (or later). Teachers will continue to communicate late work deadlines to students. The end of trimester 1 is still Thursday, November 18.

Students will have homeroom on Monday at the usual time. During homeroom on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, homeroom teachers will schedule individual conferences with students in their homerooms to review grades and missing assignments as trimester 1 comes to a close. Students that are not scheduled to meet with their teacher during homeroom on a particular day will have additional study hall time.

If your student develops symptoms or tests positive, please continue to let us know so we can contact trace and measure the effectiveness of this “pause” in reducing spread.

If student(s) needs lunch for the week, complete this form. Additional information will be sent to families that complete the form. Deadline to complete this form: 5 p.m. on Saturday, 11/6/21.

Thanks for your ongoing patience, flexibility, and support in educating our students.