Demand for students to attend Corbett School District far outstrips our ability to accommodate the requests from out of district folks to attend our school.  However, each year the district opens up as many spaces as are available to out of district students.  This documents all of the different pathways into Corbett School District.

Become a Resident of Corbett

The only guaranteed way to make sure your student has a spot in Corbett School District is to reside in the Corbett School District boundaries. Every year students and their families from around the region purchase homes or property in Corbett for the specific reason of getting their student into our school system.  If you are going to purchase property in the area be sure to check to make sure that the property is within the school district boundaries.  Some properties have a Corbett zip code but are not in the school district boundaries.  While other properties have other zip codes other than Corbett and are in the school district boundaries.

Pay Tuition

The Corbett School Board has established that non-resident students may attend Corbett Schools by paying a yearly tuition commensurate with the per pupil expenditure of other students in the district.  This number is based upon per pupil funding as reported on the district report card.  Students who pay tuition can pay their bill monthly, quarterly, or in a lump sum.  If you are a student living in Washington State tuition is the only viable way for you to attend Corbett School District.

Inter-district Transfers

Each year the Corbett School Board establishes a number of students that can be admitted to the district via an inter-district transfer.  Unlike open enrollment, inter-district transfers must be initiated with your resident district. If your resident district grants your student a transfer to Corbett they alert our district office.  Our district office approves the transfer if there are enough spaces as established previously by the Corbett School Board.  In the history of inter-district transfers every student who has received a transfer from another school has been placed at Corbett School district.  But, attaining a transfer from your resident district can be difficult.  Each district has their own rules and timelines so if you are interested in an inter-district transfer contact your resident district in a timely fashion.

Why Corbett?