February 21, 2017

Dan Barnard

About Dan Barnard

Dan Barnard hails from the Green Mountain State of Vermont where he grew up skiing, biking, and exploring the nooks and crannies of the woods. He learned to drive on his parents' station wagons, learned to ski at Smugglers' Notch, and developed a love for traveling by participating in school trips to France and New York City. He worked in many jobs ranging from ski instructing to babysitting to an after-school program that helped him decide he wanted to be a teacher.

He enrolled in Wheelock College in Boston, Massachusetts and earned a BA in Humanities with a focus on history and a concentration in Elementary Education. After working for two years in a suburban Boston community as a fifth grade teacher, he decided to move west to discover the beauty and bounty of Oregon. He worked for four years as a third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade teacher in Mosier, Oregon. While working in Mosier he enrolled in graduate school at Portland State University and earned a MS in Curriculum and Instruction from Portland State University.


Families, Some important reminders: Your child needs to be reading 30 minutes a day. Your child needs to be studying their spelling words for 5 to 10 minutes a day over the weekend. There’s no school on Monday, but there’s… [Read More…]

Natural Disasters

Dear Families, Students have been working very hard in their reading research groups to learn about a specific weather-related natural disaster like hurricanes, tornadoes, or blizzards. This week, groups will take the information they learned and create a presentation to… [Read More…]

Building Literacy Skills at Home and School

Dear Families, We had an interesting conversation at one of our class Morning Meetings this week. The topic was our weekly spelling words that we should be studying throughout the week and weekend. Well, it might serve as a complete… [Read More…]

I Enjoyed…

Families, This month has sure been crazy. It was great to get back in the rhythm of school, return to the normalcy of our day, and pick up where we left out with our studies of natural disasters in reading,… [Read More…]

Mother Nature

Dear Families, Welcome back to the normal routine of sending your kids to school. I heard from some of you that it was a joyous week in many aspects. While the students may not admit it because that admission would… [Read More…]

Winter Break!!!!!

Dear Families, I hope you’re enjoying your Winter Break thus far, or as you may affectionately call it, “Is it Over Yet?!” Break. It’s only fitting that we’re learning how to strengthen our nonfiction reading skills through studying texts in… [Read More…]

A Picture Reel

For this week’s newsletter, here’s a compilation of photos highlighting some of our work this fall.

Make a Mountain Out of a Molehill

Dear Families, It’s hard to believe that we only eight school days left until Winter Break. Then again, it’s hard to believe that I moved to Oregon eight years ago, I have a cat, and got married this summer… We… [Read More…]

Respecting Differences of Opinions

Dear Families, Last week was, to say the least, very interesting. The results of our nation’s presidential election and our class election simulation were announced. Both big news in their individual rights, happening on the same week was historically monumental… [Read More…]

Campaign Season in the Classroom

Dear Families, It only makes sense that while our country is engulfed in a presidential election, our class is learning about the ins and outs of campaigning. We are deep in a presidential election simulation of our own. We have… [Read More…]