February 19, 2018

About Jessica Lieuallen

The Buzz

Greetings!! A few things… We will be visiting The Pumpkin Patch at Sauvie’s Island tomorrow, 10/27. It will be rainy and muddy! So, please pack a change of clothes for your kiddo to change into should there be any messy… [Read More…]

Volunteers and Chaperones

volunteer-background-check-application-1 Confidentiality Statement Volunteers AND Chaperones MUST complete these 1 week prior to field trip or volunteering.

Week 4 News

Greetings! Week 4 complete! A few important things to note: Garden is starting next week! Make sure your kiddo has a pair of garden boots. Rain boots are best! These will stay at school. Let us know if you need… [Read More…]

Week 3 email

Greetings!! Week 3 complete! We have been introducing Salmon to the kiddos via discussion, books and short videos. In October we will be bringing salmon eggs into the classroom and the kids will be taking care of them throughout the… [Read More…]



Beehive Class Handbook

Some light reading…BeehiveClassHandbook

Email week 1

Whew! What a week! Your students have been working hard to learn the new routines and procedures. We have talked about class jobs, the library system, buddy reading, recess rules, and so much more! Students have made a classroom contract… [Read More…]

How Can Parents Help Students at Home??


Beehive Daily Schedule- (Subject to Change)


A New Addition to CAPS!

Spring has sprung and we have some new members to the CAPS team!  The honeybees have arrived!  Ryan Lieuallen, commercial beekeeper and brother of K-2 teacher, Jessica Lieuallen, donated two healthy hives and all the necessary equipment.  Our little insects… [Read More…]