April 20, 2014

Corbett High School

Corbett High School is devoted to enabling students to realize their full potential. We don’t think that a school should place limits on that potential through screening, tracking, or grouping because to limit a student in high school is to possibly limit the future of that individual forever. Instead, Corbett maintains an open enrollment policy for all its courses. Corbett staff work diligently to encourage the academic potential in every student, in every subject. We want the young adults who graduate from our school to have the tools to achieve greatness in whatever they set out to accomplish.

The Corbett High School curriculum is built around the College Board’s Advanced Placement program. We made this choice because the AP learning standards are both rigorous and in-depth. Corbett’s AP courses are carefully designed to stretch students and engage their minds and imaginations, and they are designed to accommodate the learning needs of all Corbett students, not just the elite. In Corbett we call this approach “AP for all”, and it means that every student enrolled in Corbett High School deserves the chance to work with big ideas and achieve their fullest potential. To do less would be to shirk our moral responsibility to our students.

But potential is not limited to academics and Corbett High School is devoted to empowering students to develop the full array of talents they possess. The Corbett High School band, for instance, has consistently ranked among the top ten bands in its league for a decade. Corbett’s fine art students routinely earn college credit for their work in the visual arts. And, thanks in large part to the Corbett Boosters, Corbett students are able to compete in a large array of competitive athletic activities.

Visit our campus and see what student potential looks like. You’ll see student art covering the walls and filling the empty spaces in the commons. You’ll encounter students working in study groups on calculus, Thoreau, and the fundamentals of American democracy. After school you’ll find students competing in soccer, volleyball, basketball, and a host of other athletic events. And you’ll meet faculty and staff who are committed to seeing the highest potential developed in every student.

Good luck to our Band members

Tomorrow is an exciting and important day. Our Corbett High School Band heads to a critical competition on their road to State. In years past, our band has represented our school and our community with excellence and has met with… [Read More...]

9th grade is coming

If you have a student at home who’s in the 8th grade, then something is about to happen. Your student is about to enter his or her freshman year. What’s about to change and what will stay this same? Mostly,… [Read More...]

MS/HS Principal Chat rescheduled

The Corbett HS girls Varsity b-ball team has made it to the state tourney! This is really exciting. JP and I have decided to travel down to support the team and their families and cheer on the Cards. Although principal… [Read More...]

Important Notice – CHAMPS change of schedule

The CHAMPS meeting scheduled for this evening (2/24) has been rescheduled for March 3, 7 pm in the CAPS building in Springdale (32405 East Historic Columbia River Hwy). If you have questions feel free to contact Kathlene Payne at 503-695-5459.

Reminder – HS parent conferences

Just a quick reminder – HS parent conferences are this next Wednesday, January 22 from 4:30 pm to 8:00 pm in the high school commons. This is a great chance to check in with your student’s teachers. If this time… [Read More...]

Important message from CHAMPS

Hi all! Please print out this flyer, join us at La Carreta and support the Corbett Senior Class of 2014!  YOU MUST PRESENT THIS FLYER AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE.   Thank you!                  … [Read More...]

Support Corbett HS Equestrian Team

The Corbett High School Equestrian Team will be partnering with Burgerville on Wednesday December 11th for a fundraiser. Stop by or drive through any time between 5 and 8pm and 10% of all sales will benefit our equestrian team! So… [Read More...]

November’s HS/MS principal chat cancelled

My family and I will be traveling to Nevada to visit with my mother next week, so I’ll need to cancel my normally-scheduled principal’s chat. However, that is one of my favorite events of the month, so if you’d like… [Read More...]

An important change

A student’s high school experience is comprised of many things: classes and prom and music rehearsals and sports competitions. Every kid takes a different path, but hopefully, every kid’s high school experience ends in the same way, with graduation. If… [Read More...]

Friendly Reminder – Our First Freshman Friday

The first freshman friday for district freshman is coming in three days. We will be together here on campus from 8 am to noon for an orientation with Outward Bound plus some workshops led by upperclassmen who will share their… [Read More...]