C.M.S. Memoir Cafe Night – Nov. 15

Hello, families and friends of Corbett Middle School students!

On Thursday, November 15th we will be hosting our Memoir Café in the middle school. It will take place from 4:00 – 6:30.

Our students have been working on their memoir books for over two months. They’ve all written two poems and four distinct chapters, and have edited and polished them to perfection. They’ve completed a handful of art pieces to accompany their writing, and are currently working on compiling the entire project into book form, to be displayed during the Memoir Café. In addition, they’ve each chosen one specific chapter from their memoirs to workshop in-depth with their teacher, and to present in a reading to the community.

We’ve divided the students up into five groups, so they can listen to some stories they haven’t already heard in class. The attached PDF will show you which room your student will be reading in, and whether they are scheduled for the first block (4:00 – 5:00) or the second block (5:15 – 6:30). The intermission is a great time for families to leave or arrive; you don’t have to be there for both blocks, unless you want to! We just ask that anyone arriving for the second block be mindful of the fact that students are reading behind closed doors – please be quiet in the halls until the intermission.

Also, during the event, members of school Sparrow Club will be selling baked goods in the commons. This will be a good place to mingle, eat some treats, and meet some other families. All proceeds from the bake sale will be donated to help our Sparrow, Nova.

If your family will be out of town on the 15th, or if you have a prior commitment, please let us know, so we can adjust our schedules. Otherwise, we’ll see you at the Memoir Café!

Memoir Night 2018 – Sheet1